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About us

Our Company

idealfoods S.p.A. was created in the tradition and with the experience and expertise of Italian manufacturing in food ingredients and stabilizers. More than 80 Years ago, a group of dedicated food scientists discovered and researched the functionality of hydrocolloids in various food applications, using different combinations of natural gums and other ingredients to improve texture and stability in food.

Our Competence

Our food technologists develop and offer tailor-made solutions for a large range of applications to our customers.

We are your dedicated and capable partner and supplier of high-quality, reliable food ingredients and low-cost-in-use technological solutions. To do that, we have established our own production and blending facility and created several long-term partnerships with selected and trusted manufacturers of various gums and ingredients. Our commitment is to work together as a team with our customers, understanding your processing and commercial requirements to provide the most cost-effective and best cost-in-use solutions for your needs and projects.

Our Expertise

idealfoods S.p.A. has a long history of designing food systems as well as manufacturing single hydrocolloids. Our extensive experience enables us to provide customers with the most cost-effective product or tailor-made systems for your specific application and project.

idealfoods S.p.A. is located in the North of Italy with excellent connections to all European and also global markets through our distributors. This allows us to be close to our customers and partners to respond quickly and provide quick answers and service.